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Vulnerable Residents Targeted

Published: Thursday, 10 February 2011

Residents who are amongst the most vulnerable in society are being targeted by community safety officers in Hartlepool to help prevent them from becoming future victims of crime.

The Safer Hartlepool Partnership's Community Safety Team are continuing to support the most vulnerable residents living across the town by working alongside a diverse range of community groups to raise awareness amongst their members on the importance of home and personal safety.

As part of their ongoing strategy to engage and deliver crime prevention messages more affectively to residents with specialised needs, the Community Safety Team recently held a special crime prevention event attended by members of Hartlepool Deaf Centre.

Currently based at Hartlepool Families First, Greatham Street, members of the deaf centre took part in a series of talks to build reassurance on home and personal safety which included advice on how to deal with bogus callers, staying safe when out of the house and property marking.

Hartlepool Deaf Centre Co-ordinator, Wendy Phillips, said: "It is crucial that vulnerable residents are always kept up to date with current community safety advice which is tailored to support their specific needs.  Working with the Safer Hartlepool Partnership's Community Safety Team on crime prevention methods means vulnerable residents can feel empowered to put what they have learnt into practice for keeping themselves safe in the future."

Following a similar crime prevention raising initiative with members of Hartlepool Blind Welfare Association, the events are helping the Community Safety Team to continue their development for new ways of engaging with residents from diverse backgrounds as well as the effective delivery of community safety support to vulnerable residents within specific community groups.

Safer Hartlepool Partnership's Community Cohesion Officer, Sue Willoughby, said: "Forming a new cohesive relationship with members of Hartlepool Deaf Centre will help partners to co-ordinate messages and support packages more affectively using tailored support.  We hope that by engaging with more community groups from across the town we will continue to raise crime prevention awareness amongst vulnerable members within the community and in turn reduce the fear of crime for reducing the risk of them becoming a victim in the future."