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Published: Monday, 27 June 2011

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Partners in Hartlepool are backing a new interactive website that provides substance mis-users and their families with access to treatment services and harm reduction advice.

The 'Hi We Can Help' website, set up to provide specific and up-to-date information on drug and alcohol advice and treatments available in local areas, is being backed by partners under the Safer Hartlepool Partnership banner.

Substance misuse services and centres across the town are being encouraged to direct drug and alcohol users to the website which acts as an interactive community forum to allow people to share their experiences as part of their on-going treatment.

The site also provides substance users, their families and carers with practical information on where to find support in their area as well as advice for front-line workers to assist in the learning and support programmes for patients.

Angela Legg, Planning & Commissioning Officer, Safer Hartlepool Partnership, said: "This website is yet another tool that directs the local community to where they can gain information on what help and support is available across Hartlepool to address their substance misuse issues.

"We are always looking for new innovative ways to provide harm reduction advice and we feel it is important that this information is ready available for the members of the public."

The overall concept for the 'Hi We Can Help' website was created and developed by Roweena Russell, the Harm Reduction Strategy Manager for North Tyneside Drugs Action Team.

Karen Clark, Treatment Centre Manager, Community Drug Centre, said: "This system provides an additional opportunity for the community to learn about our treatment services and essential harm minimisation advice.

"We all need to promote the use of this online tool which can be accessed privately at home or anywhere that has public internet access. We are really excited about this new development and will be promoting its use widely."

If you require any information on what drug and alcohol services are available in your area log-on to