Recycling Bring Centres in Hartlepool

Clicking on the location will display a map showing where the centres are. These maps are provided by Google Maps.

Residents are requested not to leave household waste, furniture or other items at bring centres. Collection services are provided for the disposal of these items.

Asda - Marina Way
(Paper, Glass, Cans, Textiles, Shoes, Plastic, Food and Drinks Cartons)

Fens Shops - Catcote Road
(Paper, Glass, Cans and Plastic)

Household Waste Recycling Centre - Burn Road
(Paper, Glass, Cans, Textiles, Shoes, Books, Plastics, Food and Drinks Cartons)

King Oswy Drive Shops - King Oswy Drive
(Glass and Cans)

Morrisons - Clarence Road
(Glass, Cans, Paper, Textiles)

Seaton Park Car Park - Station Lane - Seaton Carew
(Paper, Glass, Cans, Shoes and Plastic)

Tesco - Burn Road
(Paper, Glass, Cans, Textiles, Shoes, Books, Food and Drinks Cartons)