Your Say, Our Future

Your Say, Our Future is an opportunity to have your say on the challenges facing us.

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We believe that local people know what is best for their local area and we want to encourage residents to take a more active role in shaping the future of this great borough.

As a Council we are really ambitious for the future of the town.

Our aim is that Hartlepool will:

  • Be a place people want to live, study, work, visit and play;
  • Have a reputation as a place to come to because of the quality of our education, housing, leisure, employment and skills offers;
  • Be an active part of the Tees Valley offer for skills, employment, housing and leisure;
  • Be a place where people feel included and safe; able to live active, healthy and happy lives.

In light of ongoing cuts to our funding from Central Government we will need to think differently about how we achieve this and we may need to make some difficult decisions along the way.

Over the summer we will be carrying out an exercise to engage with our residents and staff about the future of the Council and the services it provides.

Your Say, Our Future will focus on ensuring that people can understand and contribute to a discussion about:

  • the complex problems we face as a town and a Council;
  • what the Council does and why;
  • how the Council is funded, how that has changed over the last few years and how it will continue to change;
  • how much it costs the Council to do certain things and how the community and council can work to solve problems, reduce costs and shape the future of our town.

There are a number of ways to get involved:

  • Learn more about the situation we’re facing and how you can help by watching our videos and keeping an eye out for our posters;
  • Complete our online survey;
  • Attend one of our roundtable events.