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Civic Centre Access Restrictions

VISITORS to Hartlepool Civic Centre and the adjoining Law Courts are advised that essential repair work will start shortly at the front entrance to the building. From next week (w/c 6th February)

Civic Centre Access Restrictions.

Downloads: Councillors, democracy and elections

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Available downloads

Councillors Attendance 2010-2011

Councillors Attendance at Meetings for 2010-2011

Election Results - May 2006

Election Results - May 2006

Election Results 2004

An up to date summary sheet of the Local Election Results for 10th June 2004.

Election Results 2011

Local Government Election Results 2011

Election Results 3rd May 2007

Details of Election Results May 2007

Election Results May 2008

Election Results

European Election Results

European Election Results

Final Recommendations - September 2011

Final Recommendations - September 2011

Forward Plan

The law requires the executive of the local authority to publish in advance, a programme of its work in the coming four months including information about key decisions that it expects to make. It is updated monthly.

Hartlepool Borough Council's Constitution 2011-12

The Constitution sets out how the Council operates how decisions are made and the procedures that are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

Hartlepool Results -European Election 2009

Hartlepool Results - European Election

Mayoral Election Results - 4 June 2009

Mayoral Election Results - 4 June 2009

Notice of Referendum Agents & Offices

Referendum Agents and Offices details

Parliamentary Election Results 2004

A list of the results of the Parliamentary By-Election.

Parliamentary Result of Poll 2005

A notice showing the number of votes recorded for the Parliamentary Election which was held on the 5 May 2005.

Postal and Proxy Voting Forms

If you are unable to vote in person on election day you can apply to vote by post or proxy (i.e. someone who votes on your behalf).

Submission in Response to Recommendations

Submission in Response to Recommendations June 11

Terms of Reference for Resident Representatives

Terms of Reference for the role of Resident Representatives on the Neighbourhood Consultative Forums

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