Fostering in Hartlepool

Hartlepool Borough Council is part of a new collaborative partnership with the 11 other local authorities in the North East of England to collectively recruit much-needed foster carers.  

For the first time, anyone considering a career in fostering in our region will now benefit from a united, single support hub, Foster with North East, which is backed by the Department for Education.  

We’re joining forces with other local authority fostering teams across the North East region to bring together our in-depth knowledge about our communities in Hartlepool to further support the needs of families, children and young people.  

You will continue to be supported by our experienced fostering team at Hartlepool Borough Council throughout your application but our community of Foster with North East hub carers are also here to offer additional support and guidance throughout your fostering journey. Everyone is on-hand to support you from the initial application process and beyond. 

We’re also working together to strengthen the North East fostering community through the Fostering Network’s Mockingbird programme, which we are the first region in the UK to be fully signed up to, and our new Foster with North East buddy mentor scheme, which links new foster carers to experienced foster carers in their area for further knowledge sharing and support.  

To find out more or start your fostering journey today, head over to the Foster with North East website or call 0800 917 7771