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The Environmental Enforcement Team works to keep Hartlepool safer and cleaner by enforcing various environmental legislation, such as dog control orders, littering, grafitti, abandoned/nuisance vehicles, fly tipping and fly posting.

The team also support the recycling service by monitoring issues such as bins left out in back streets, side waste (black bags left by bins) and residents misusing the recycling containers (putting the wrong items in the recycling bins reducing the amount of waste that can be recycled). They also assist in the sales side of the trade waste service by visiting businesses to promote the Council's trade waste and recycling services.

They also provide enforcement support to the allotment service in the annual inspections and ensuring that tenants are following the rules laid out in their tenancy agreement on a general day to day basis.

In addition to it's enforcement role, the Environmental Enforcement Team is also involved in providing education, guidance and advice to members of the public, schools and other organisations.

The Council's dog warden service also sits within the Environmental enforcement team. Officers collect stray dogs, provide micro chipping sessions and investigate reports of roaming dogs. Officers also assist with catching loose, stray and illegally grazed horses on Council land throughout the borough.

The team is also involved in enforcement of regulations concerning skips, scaffolding, hoardings, mud on the road and illegal vehicle crossings.

The following pages give an overview of the work being carried out in Hartlepool by the Environmental Enforcement Team.

To contact the Environmental Enforcement Team to report enforcement issues telephone Hartlepool Connect on 01429 523333.

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