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We look after the paths and rides that run throughout the Borough.  Its our job to make sure that you enjoy your time in the countryside.

You can find out where all the Public Rights of Way are by having a look at Hartlepool's Definitive Map. You'll find a copy of this at the Central Library and 1 Church Street.

We also keep the register of all deposits, declarations, maps and statements, provided by landowners.  These show the ways, which are recognised and acknowledged by the landowner, as dedicated highways.  To view the register and associated information about the register,  Click Here

For lots of general information about Public Rights of Way and the duties we need to carry out visit the Natural England website.

New paths can sometimes be claimed and added to the Map by way of a Definitive Map Modification Order and we also hold the register of these applications for the Borough. Please click here to view information on these applications.


The Tees Valley Local Access Forum also gives people a chance to be involved in the future of the access network.


Countryside Access Team


Parks and Countryside Section

Edgar Philips Building

1 Church Street


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Contacting the Countryside Access Team

Contacting the Countryside Access Team

For more information about the Rights of Way Improvement Plan contact the Countryside Access Team

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