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About the Neighbourhood Forums

Neighbourhood Forums meetings are held each quarter for two areas; North and Coastal and South and Central and discuss local issues and concerns, and information on what's happening in the area. They ensure that residents of the town are better informed about the way their council services and other major service providers are run and allow them to get involved in the decision making process. Consultation with local people is a key element of the Forums.

All residents are welcome to attend their Neighbourhood Forum and although forums are popular attracting a large and diverse crowd, the Council want to ensure that they are continuously improved and developed, to do this it's essential that residents continue to be involved and support these meetings in the future.

The Forums are responsible for improving your area in many ways and have been instrumental in carrying out the following improvements throughout the town:

  • Street lighting improvements, which include painting street light columns and installing new street lights in dimly lit areas of the town.
  • Improved Green areas and hanging baskets to improve the the appearance of streets.
  • Pedestrian tactile crossings to improve accesibility for all.
  • Installation of alley gates to improve community security and tackle anti-social behaviour.

If you would like to raise an issue for improvement come along to the Forum in your area. The electoral wards covered by the two Forums are as follows: -

North and Coastal - Hart, De Bruce, Jesmond, Headland and Harbour and Seaton wards.
South and Central - Victoria, Burn Valley, Foggy Furze, Manor House, Fens and Rossmere and Rural West wards.

For more information on how to get involved contact the Neighbourhood Manager for your area.

North and Coastal Area -  David Frame - 01429 523034
South and Central Area - Clare Clark - 01429 855560


Contact Details

Email: Democratic.Services@hartlepool.gov.uk

Telephone: (01429) 523013

Area Police and Community Safety Liaison Forums

Area Police and Community Safety Liaison Forums

These forums are an opportunity for residents to raise issues on community safety, anti-social behaviour and local policing.

Central Neighbourhood Consultative Forum

Central Neighbourhood Consultative Forum

Agenda, minutes and meeting information for the Central Neighbourhood Consultative Forum.

North Neighbourhood Consultative Forum

North Neighbourhood Consultative Forum

Agenda's, minutes, and meeting information for the North Neighbourhood Consultative Forum

South Neighbourhood Consultative Forum

South Neighbourhood Consultative Forum

Agenda, minutes and meeting informtion for the South Neighbourhood Consultative forum.

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