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Roads and Streetworks

 Streetworks (click to download)

 Outlines the utility and Hartlepool Borough Council Roadworks that are currently being undertaken within in the town.

A graphical view of the current roadworks can be viewed here. 


Roadworks (click to download)

Explains the activities in the town that result in either lane restrictions, complete road closures or the use of temporary traffic lights.



Highway Licences

The link below contains the various application forms and policy documents that are required before any work is carried out in the public highway including the placement of skips and scaffolds.

 Highway Licensing Information.




Section 58 Restrictions (click to download)

Outlines the newly maintained council streets which are protected against further utility or council works for a set period of time. 



Useful links

North of England Highways Authorities and Utilities Committee.

National Street Gazetteer

Highways Agency National Traffic Information

Transport Direct - Journey Planning




Contact Name Contact Number


Alan Shield

01429 284072

Peter Nixon

01429 523244
Skip & Scaffold Licences
Emma Bryan
01429 523558
Section 58's

Alan Shield

Ralph Young

01429 284072

01429 284141

Private Developers
Alan Shield
01429 284072

LSG Custodian/ETON
Ralph Young
01429 284141

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