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Hartlepool Borough Council spends around £50m per annum on supplies, services and works and, given the diverse nature of our services, our requirements are extremely varied.

Benefits of working with the Council are that we are:

  • Fair
  • Non-discriminatory
  • Professional
  • A long established organisation
  • Prompt to pay

Hartlepool Borough Council aspires to the highest standards of conduct and governance in the discharge of its roles.  This affects the conduct of both members of the Council and its officers in their dealings with the Council, with the public and with others with whom they have contact in the discharge of the functions of the Council.  It also gives rise to an expectation that organisations and individuals upon whom the Council relies for the provision of services, or in the discharge of contractual arrangements, will reflect relevant principles in their contact with the Council, its members and officers and members of the general public with whom they come into contract.

The Council's statement entitled 'Standards & Partners', has been produced for the information of all partners of the Council including contractors, external partners and others who have dealings with the Council, to summarise the principal elements contributing to the attainment of these objectives.

Hartlepool Borough Council is working to utilise new procedures and systems to ensure we secure the best services in a cost effective, and timely way.

The benefits of taking this approach are clear:

  • The Council will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement activity by standardising procedures and implementing Procurement systems.
  • The delivery of customer services will be supported by the best available support services and goods, at the best prices.
  • Businesses will find it easier to work with the Council and will gain access to a broader market place.

An additional document which may be of interest is;

Hartlepool Borough Council's Commissioning and Procurement Strategy 2013-2014.

Further information and advice can be obtained by contacting the Council's Procurement Unit on 01429 523240.

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