Councillor Shane Moore

Shane Moore
Councillor Shane Moore
  • Ward: Headland & Harbour
  • Party: Hartlepool Independent Union
  • Position: Leader

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Elected until 2022

Leader of Hartlepool Borough Council

The Leader carries out the following roles:

  • be the political Leader of the Council and act as the Council’s principal public spokesperson;
  • act for the benefit of all the Borough’s citizens and other interested persons and stakeholders;
  • give the overall policy direction to the Council and lead with the Chairs of the Council’s Committees and Sub-Committees, the implementation of policies, budgets and strategies approved by the Council;
  • represent the interests of the Council and its community at regional, national and international levels;
  • be the Chair of the Council’s Finance and Policy Committee;
  • provide policy direction and progress the Council’s corporate objectives with Committee Chairs, the Chief Executive and Chief Officers, the Leaders of other political groups on the Council, partners and other stakeholders;
  • maintain professional working relationships and mutual respect with Members and Officers;
  • attend and participate in such civic and ceremonial functions and duties as determined by Council.


Councillor Shane Moore

Actual attendance

Possible attendance

Appointments Panel    
Children's Services Committee 1 1
Constitution Committee    
Finance and Policy Committee  1 1
Health and Wellbeing Board    
Council 1 1
Total 3 3
Meetings Attended as a Substitute  

Chair of Finance and Policy Committee and Leader of Council on Constitution Committee and Appointments Panel and Member of Children's Services Committee and Health and Wellbeing Board


Shane Moore

Outside body

Frequency of meetings

  Association of North East Councils - Leaders and Elected Mayor's Group  
  Association of North East Councils - Collaborative Procurement Sub-Group (replaces NEPO appointment)  
  Economic Regeneration and Tourism Forum  
  Henry Smith Educational Charity - Term of Office 1 year  
  Local Government Association  
  Local Joint Consultative Committee  
  National Association of Councillors - English Region  
  National Association of Councillors - General Management Committee  
  National Museum of Royal Navy Hartlepool (NMRN Hartlepool) Charitable Trust  
  Northern Consortium of Housing Authorities  
  North East Regional Employers Organisation  
  North East Regional Employers Organisation - Executive  
  North East Migration Partnership Member Forum  
  North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority  
  Safer Hartlepool Partnership  
  Schools Admission Forum  
  Tees Valley Combined Authority Board  
  Tees Valley Leaders and Chief Executive's Meeting  
  Tees Valley Leaders and Elected Mayor's Group  
  Tees Valley Local Enterprise Partnership Board  

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