Financial assistance for businesses adversely affected by COVID-19

Business Support Grants

The government is providing funding for local authorities to support businesses adversely affected by Covid-19 restrictions. Support is in the form of grants to individual businesses. 

As of the 1 February 2021, the following grants are available.:

Local Restrictions Grants (Closed)/Local Restrictions Grants (Closed) Addendum

This grant scheme covers businesses ordered to close, or substantially close, during the period of national restrictions or under Local Covid-19 alert level ‘Very High’ (Tier 3) and alert level ‘Stay at Home’ (Tier 4) restrictions. Businesses must be the ratepayer of the property.

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Closed Business Lockdown Grant

A one-off supplementary payment covering those businesses that have been required to close during the national lockdown period commencing on the 5th January 2021. Businesses must be the ratepayer of the property. The Council will pay this grant to businesses in receipt of the Local Restrictions Grant (closed) for the period, so NO APPLICATION IS REQUIRED.

Sector Grant

This grant covers nightclubs, dance halls and discotheques; sexual entertainment venues and hostess bars. The council will use its records to pay eligible businesses, so NO APPLICATION IS REQUIRED.

Local Restrictions Grant (Open)

This grant is for the hospitality, accommodation and leisure sector where businesses were open but trading was severely restricted during Tier 2 and Tier 3 restrictions. Businesses must have a rateable value property. All of these businesses are required to be closed under Tier 4 or national restrictions. As such, applications should be made under the Local Restrictions Grant (Closed) scheme.

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For those eligible businesses that have previously applied and are in receipt of Local Restrictions Grant (Closed) and Local Restrictions Grant (Open), payments will continue and businesses merged onto the new grant regime as the area moves through local tier/national restrictions. THERE IS NO NEED TO RE-APPLY.

A summary of grant schemes and payment values can be found here

A full list of businesses required to close in the various Tiers, can be found here

Government guidance on all the grant schemes can be found here

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In addition to the support outlined above, the government has a number of support packages available for businesses. Please go to for further information on the support available.