Greatham Parish Council Community Governance Review

What is the Community Governance Review?

A community governance review is the process used to consider whether existing parish arrangements should be changed in any way. This includes:

  • Altering the boundaries of existing parishes;
  • Changing the names of existing parishes;
  • Creating a new parish or abolishing an existing parish;
  • Creating or abolishing parish councils;
  • The electoral arrangements for parish councils (including the number of councillors and arrangements for parish warding);
  • The grouping or de-grouping of parish councils (and consequential changes to their electoral arrangements);
  • The “style” of a parish (enabling an area to be known as a town, community, neighbourhood or village rather than a parish).

Why is the Greatham Parish Council Community Governance Review happening?

Hartlepool Borough Council has received a petition from 257 residents proposing that the area of the existing parish, immediately to the north of Stockton Road (South Fens) (see map below) be removed from Greatham Parish Council but without an alternative Parish Council being established. Upon receipt of valid petitions the Council must, as a matter of law undertake a community governance review and must do so in accordance with the statutory guidance.

Greatham TOR


There have been two periods of consultation (23/10/20 – 04/12/20 and -18/12/20 - 29/01/21) and responses have been invited from all local government electors in the area under review, the parish council, local businesses and public and voluntary organisations (such as schools and health bodies). Letters were sent to all residents and the consultation was also publicised in the Hartlepool Mail and on the council’s social media accounts.

Of the 925 consultation letters sent, 92 responses were returned (10% response). Of those responses 77% (71 people) supported the proposal, 19% (17 people) were against the proposal and 4% (4 people) expressed no opinion. These consultation responses must also be considered alongside the 257 residents of the area who had signed and supported the originating petition.


A consistent theme in the support for the proposals is that the residents of Greatham Village and those of South Fens do not view themselves as being part of a single cohesive community. They point to the geographical differences, the clear dividing boundary (the A689) and that the distinct nature and appearance of the areas.

The proposal had the support of Greatham Parish Council.

On 25 February 2021 Full Council considered and approved the proposal and as a consequence the Hartlepool (Reorganisation of Community Governance – Greatham) Order 2023 has been made.

Hartlepool (Reorganisation of Community Governance – Greatham) Order 2023