Ceremonial Mayor - general information

Councillor Shane Moore, the Ceremonial Mayor of Hartlepool

Councillor Shane Moore, the Ceremonial Mayor of Hartlepool

Councillor Shane Moore is the Ceremonial Mayor of Hartlepool and is a Councillor for the Headland and Harbour Ward.

First elected in 2016, he has held a number of positions within Hartlepool Borough Council, notably as the Leader of the Council between 2019 and 2023, and he was honoured to have been selected to serve as the Ceremonial Mayor this year.

As the Chair of Council, Shane remains firm but fair at all times and ensures that people from all sides of the political divide have the opportunity to speak and share their positions on the many and varied issues facing the residents of Hartlepool and is always looking for the best solution to be found when allowing debate.

Outside of the Council, he is a husband, a proud father and road fuel tanker driver. 

A keen sailor, Shane is regularly out racing with the Tees & Hartlepool Yacht Club and doing all he can to encourage younger people to get involved in waterborne activities. 

His love of the water comes from his grandfather and his own time spent as a Sea Cadet in the town. It is why he has chosen TS Trincomalee SCC (Hartlepool Sea Cadets) as one of his chosen charities this year along with the Hartlepool Foodbank, which he was a volunteer for and continues to support.

Speaking at his Mayoral Investiture, Shane said: “Hartlepool is poised for tremendous growth and development. Exciting capital projects are already underway, promising to transform our town and create new opportunities for all. These projects encompass a wide range of areas, from infrastructure improvements to cultural endeavours, from economic revitalisation to environmental sustainability.

"We are witnessing the dawn of a new era in Hartlepool, where our town will flourish and thrive once again. Our commitment to providing top-quality training and skills through our fantastic colleges, as well as the expanding civil engineering academy and the new health and social care academy based in the University Hospital of Hartlepool, together they will empower the next generation to shape their own destinies.

"Furthermore, our infrastructure initiatives will lay the groundwork for a more accessible and connected Hartlepool. As we improve transportation networks, upgrade public spaces, and create vibrant community hubs, including the new leisure centre, which will enhance the quality of life for residents and attract businesses that will bring prosperity to our town.”