Appointments to Council Committees


Ceremonial Mayor of Hartlepool

Councillor Brenda Loynes

Deputy Ceremonial Mayor of Hartlepool

Councillor John Lauderdale

Hartlepool Borough Council Leadership

Leader of the Council: Councillor Shane Moore

Deputy Leader of the Council: Councillor Mike Young

Finance and Policy Committee

Chair: Councillor Shane Moore

Vice-Chair: Councillor Mike Young

Adult and Community Based Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Sue Little

Vice-Chair: Councillor James Brewer

Neighbourhood Services Committee

Chair: Councillor John Tennant

Vice-Chair: Councillor Sue Little

Regeneration Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Christopher Akers-Belcher

Vice-Chair: Councillor Leisa Smith

Children's and Joint Commissioning Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Leisa Smith

Vice-Chair: Councillor John Lauderdale

Health and Wellbeing Board

Chair: Councillor Shane Moore

Planning Committee

Chair: Councillor Mike Young

Vice-Chair: Councillor Tim Fleming

Licensing Committee

Chair: Councillor Bob Buchan

Vice-Chair: Councillor Tony Richardson

Audit and Governance Committee

Chair: Councillor Ged Hall

Vice-Chair: Councillor Lesley Hamilton

Constitution Committee

Chair: Councillor Shane Moore

Appointments Panel

Chair: To be determined by Committee

North and Coastal Neighbourhood Forum

Chair: Councillor Leisa Smith

Vice-Chair: Councillor Sue Little

South and Central Neighbourhood Forum

Chair: Councillor Lee Cartwright

Vice-Chair: Councillor David Mincher

If you want to contact any Councillor call (01429) 523704 or visit