Appointments to Council Committees



Ceremonial Mayor of Hartlepool 

Councillor Shane Moore

Deputy Ceremonial Mayor of Hartlepool 

Councillor Brian Cowe


Hartlepool Borough Council Leadership 

Leader of the Council: Councillor Mike Young

Deputy Leader of the Council: Councillor Paddy Brown


Finance and Policy Committee 

Chair: Councillor Mike Young

Vice-Chair: Councillor Paddy Brown

Councillors Moss Boddy, Bob Buchan, Tom Feeney, Ged Hall, Brenda Harrison,  Jim Lindridge, Sue Little, Andrew Martin-Wells and Melanie Morley.


Adult and Community Based Services Committee 

Chair: Councillor Bob Buchan

Vice-Chair: Councillor Sue Little 

Councillors Gary Allen, Rob Darby, Ged Hall, Carole Thompson and Mike Young.


Neighbourhood Services Committee 

Chair: Councillor Sue Little

Vice-Chair: Councillor Brian Cowie

Councillors Bob Buchan, Rob Darby, Helen Howson, Haren Oliveer and Carole Thompson.


Economic Growth and Regeneration Committee 

Chair: Councillor Andrew Martin-Wells 

Vice-Chair: Councillor Paddy Brown

Councillors Ben Clayton, Rachel Creevy, Pamela Hargreaves, Jim Lindridge and Mike Young.


Children’s Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Jim Lindridge

Vice-Chair: Councillor Brian Cowie

Councillors Brenda Harrrison, Phil Holbrook, Sue Little, Shane Moore and Cameron Sharp.


Health and Wellbeing Board 

Chair: Councillor Mike Young

Councillors Gary Allen, Rob Darby and Brenda Harrison.


Planning Committee 

Chair: Councillor Paddy Brown

Vice-Chair: Councillor Mike Young

Councillors Moss Boddy, Rob Darby, Tom Feeney, Sue Little, Andrew Martin-Wells, Melanie Morley, Veronica Nicholson, Karen Oliver and Carole Thompson.


Licensing Committee 

Chair: Councillor Leisa Smith

Vice-Chair: Councillor Tom Cassidy

Councillors Gary Allen, Bob Buchan, Ben Clayton, Brian Cowie, Rob Darby, Martin Dunbar, Tom Feeney, Ged Hall, Sue Little and Carole Thompson.


Audit and Governance Committee 

Chair: Councillor Jonathan Brash

Vice-Chair: Councillor Rachel Creevy

Councillors Gary Allen, Brian Cowie, Christopher Groves, Pamela Hargreaves, Shane Moore, David Nicholson, Veronica Nicholson and Cameron Sharp.


Constitution Committee 

Chair: Councillor Mike Young

Vice-Chair: Shane Moore

Councillors Brian Cowie, Matthew Dodds, Ged Hall, Brenda Harrison, Helen Howson, Jim Lindridge and Sue Little.


Appointments Panel

Councillors Paddy Brown, Ben Clayton, Brenda Harrision, Phil Holbrook, Sue Little, Shane Moore, Carole Thompson and Mike Young (and a relevant Policy Committee Chair if not already a member).


Civic Honours Committee

Councillos Matthew Dodds, Brenda Harrison, Shane Moore, Veronica Nicholson and Mike Young.


If you want to contact any Councillor call (01429) 523704 or visit