Change of Address

To ensure you pay the right amount of Council Tax, let us know straight away when you move home by providing the following details.

  • Daytime contact telephone number.
  • The completion date (if bought).
  • The date of the move.
  • The name and address of the previous occupier and their forwarding address (if available)

If applicable;

  • The name and address of your landlord at the old and new address or solicitor/estate agent.
  • The name of the occupier, if you are moving into an occupied property.
  • Whether the property you are leaving and moving into is, furnished or unfurnished.

Once you've told us, we'll send you a revised bill.  If you've overpaid for your old address, we will usually use the credit to reduce what you owe at your new address. Check the Council Tax Band for your new address.

We will charge you from the date you move in to your new home, and this must be paid in accordance with your bill.

To change the address simply complete the form by clicking here