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The Valuation Office values every domestic property. Each dwelling has been put into one of eight bands according to its market value on the 1st April 1991. To determine the right band for your home they take into account the size, age, character and the locality of the property and information about what similar properties sold for on 1 April 1991. Your property band was not calculated by the council, but by an officer of the H M Revenues and Customs known as 'The Listing Officer'.  All appeals or enquiries can be made to the Valuation Office Agency Tel: 03000 501501,  

Remember you must still keep your payments up to date until your appeal is decided. 

How we calculate your Council Tax bill

Most dwellings are subject to Council Tax. There is one bill per dwelling, whether it is a house, bungalow, flat, maisonette, mobile home or houseboat and whether it is owned or rented.

The Council sets the council tax levels in March every year. The amount payable is worked out based on the council tax band into which the property has been placed. The amount of Council Tax you have to pay depends on the valuation band your property is in and the number of people aged 18 or over living in the property.

When we calculate your Council Tax we assume that two or more people, aged 18 or over, live in your property.

If you think your council tax bill is wrong, tell us as soon as possible.  You can appeal if you think:


  • we have sent the bill to the wrong person for your home
  • your home should be exempt from council tax
  • the amount of the bill is wrong, for example if you think you're entitled to a discount or we haven't reduced the bill for a disability


We may ask you for further information so we can make a decision. We may either decide that the bill is wrong and send you a new one that the bill is right and explain why.  If you don't receive a response within 2 months, or you disagree with the outcome of the appeal, you have the right to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.