Air Quality


The air quality in the Hartlepool area has improved over the last 40 years.  The main reasons for this are:

  • the introduction of natural gas as the main source of domestic and commercial fuel; and
  • the closure or modification of the oldest industrial processes

However, the rapid rise in road transport has introduced a new range of pollutants and, more importantly, these pollutants are being emitted continuously at ground level.  Newer industries, particularly chemical and industries linked to them, have also introduced a wider range of air pollutants.

The range of emissions has lead to changes such as new standards for road vehicle emissions, greater control of industrial emissions and importantly, better measurements of air pollution levels.

The National Air Quality Strategy sets out air quality objectives to be achieved in the UK.  Local authorities have been empowered to manage air quality through a process of local air quality management (LAQM).

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