Tees Valley Local Access Forum

Government regulations have allowed for the creation of Joint Local Access Forums; the four Local Authorities Stockton, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and Darlington joined together in September 2003 to form the Tees Valley Local Access Forum to consider and contribute to cross boundary initiatives.

The Tees Valley Local Access forum (TVLAF/LAF) is an independent body with an interest in public rights of way and access to the countryside, towns and coast in our area.

They offer advise to:

  • The Local Authorities; Stockton, Hartlepool, Darlington and Middlesbrough
  • Natural England
  • Central government and others

 The LAF responsibility is to:

  • examine how local authorities manage the rights of way
  • put forward ideas about how improvement can be made
  • encourage enjoyment of our rights of way network
  • consult with Government and Natural England as well as other bodies 

The members of the LAF are local people, balanced between those who:

  • access the countryside
  • manage the land
  • or have an interest in the local community and conservation 

The forum has members reflecting a wide range of experience and interests; they are landowners and managers, users of the Rights of Way network including walkers and cyclists and those with other interests including tourism, conservation and  forestry.

New Members

Would you like to take part in the future of the countryside and coast in this area?  If you would like to find out more; access the link to the Tees Valley Local Access Forum website where you can explore more information.

Business of the Forum

The meetings are open to the public.
Copies of the agendas, minutes and annual reports are available on the Tees Valley Local Access Forum Website.