Rights of Way Statutory Notices and Restrictions

Current Rights of Way Statutory Notices

 The Council annually receives a number of applications for public rights of way creations, diversions, extinguishments and Section 31(6) deposits/statutory declarations.  The current application forms and summaries are listed below.

Section 31(6) deposits/statutory declarations will be listed for 60 days and their full details can be found on the Declarations Register.

Current Rights of Way Restrictions 

The first list describes area(s) where use of a public right of way is affected.  This may be due to housing development or authorised highways works.

The second list describes where the specific use of a Public Byway is affected.  This is due to permanent vehicle prohibitions being placed on them.

Traffic Regulations Orders (TROs)
Authorised Works 

There are two areas with authorised closures and diversions in place:

Hartlepool Public Footpath No.31 Britmag/Steetley site, Old Cemetery Road

Persimmon Housing (Teesside) UK development is being built on the old Steetley site and a temporary closure and diversion has been put in place so that there is still a route for the public to use.  This TRO is placed between Brus Tunnel and the Jewish Cemetery at Old Cemetery Road.

Hartlepool Public Footpath No.4, Cairnston Road, Naisberry Estate

Some new flood defence and screening construction works are being carried out by the Council to the rear of the houses on the western side of Naisberry estate.  The section of this public footpath, between the adjoining public footpath and Cairnston Road, will be closed until Xmas time. The TRO diversion between the adjoining footpath and Reedston Road is in place for the duration of the temporary closure.

Permanent Restrictions

Traffic Regulations Orders (TROs)

The following paths have legal restrictions placed upon them to prohibit use of all mechanically propelled vehicles - this does not include mobility scooters.

Greatham Public Byway No. 14
from Greatham Back Lane NZ 486 : 277 to Cloff Bridge NZ 482 : 261

Hartlepool Public Byway No. 22
from Elmwood Road NZ 493 : 334 to Wiltshire Way NZ 493 : 337 

Greatham Detached Public Byway No.2
from Macrae Road NZ 483 : 294 to Parish Boundary NZ 477 : 296

Seaton Public Byway No. 1b
from Zinc Works Road NZ 493 : 335 to Seaton Public Bridleway No.1a NZ 493 : 337 

Maps of TRO's

For more information on these and other TRO's contact details are below.