Hartlepool Waterfront

Public consultation on initial development projects

Hartlepool Borough Council has set out ambitious proposals for the regeneration of the Hartlepool Waterfront area – the five-acre site which includes the former Jacksons Landing and surrounding area.

Online Survey

Following consultation with key partners including Hartlepool Marina Ltd, the National Museum of the Royal Navy and other stakeholders within the area, the long-term plan is to develop the Waterfront as a landmark destination with a mix of civic, cultural, leisure and visitor attractions to complement the restaurants, cafes, bars and shops within the wider Hartlepool Marina area. This is key to unlocking the full potential of Hartlepool’s visitor economy.

Hartlepool Waterfront now

A current view of the Hartlepool waterfront site

Because the site will be developed in phases over a period of time, it’s important to deliver a series of initial projects to begin to change the perception of the site and to attract interest and potential investment.

The Council has allocated £1.4m for these initial projects, which can be implemented on the site over the next 12-18 months.

These include a water activity centre, grassed areas, a sculpture trail, seating and new LED lighting and it is these proposals which the Council is asking for your views on in this public consultation.

To find out more about the proposals and to comment on them by completing a short online questionnaire, please click here.

If you would like further information, please contact Rob Smith, Principal Regeneration Officer, on the telephone number or email below. 

Please note that the closing date for this survey is 5pm on Wednesday 21st March.