Hartlepool Education Commission

The Hartlepool Education Commission was established in Spring 2014 with the remit of identifying and addressing key priorities to support sustainable educational improvement across the town. 

The Chair of the Commission is Professor Steve Higgins (Durham University) with membership including representative Head Teachers, Elected Members, Governors, LA officers, Public Health colleagues, and FE representatives. 

The aim of the Commission is to work with partners and professionals in key areas to develop an Education Improvement Strategy which not only considers what the core purpose of education is, but looks at the wider agenda in ensuring our young people develop the competencies and capabilities to live a fulfilled life and make a positive contribution to their community.


Papers for the meeting held 1st April 2014

Papers for the meeting held 7th May 2014

Papers for the meeting held 23rd June 2014

Papers for the meeting held 17th July 2014

Presentations from the Conference held 17th September 2014

Papers for the meeting held 5th November 2014

Education Commission Report September 2015