School Improvement

The School Improvement Service aims to support and challenge school practice in order to drive up learner achievement, build capacity and improve sustainability.  We will do this by working with colleagues and partners from across the Council, as well as those in the Hartlepool Teaching School Alliance , neighbouring local authorities, our regional universities and the National College .  This will mean that children and young people in Hartlepool are fully prepared to access the best opportunities, and can make an effective and positive contribution to society.

Promoting a vibrant and inclusive culture that creates a community of independent and proactive learners is pivotal in helping our children and young people to develop the skills, dispositions and attitudes to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.  This requires our teaching community (teachers and non-teachers) to be able to develop themselves and our learners as reflective practitioners, and to be able to create a rich and inspiring learning environment.  Our teaching community will need to know and understand the skills that learners need to develop in order to be able to solve problems, reflect on their own learning journey and identify their next steps as effective learners.  To enable this, our teaching community will need to:

  • seek out and learn from outstanding teaching, learning and leadership practices
  • generate and then fully engage with highly tailored and bespoke programmes or individual professional development
  • work with expert colleagues that can effectively coach
  • share in the latest research and thinking in teaching and learning pedagogy
  • create time and space to try new things out and take risks  

The School Improvement Service's programme of support is designed to be flexible and responsive to local and national changes to frameworks, as well as being proactive in supporting aspiration and espousing the ethos outlined above.

They will do this with the support of school leaders who actively encourage and support innovation and practices that develop inspiring and engaging learning for our children and young people.

HBC's Education Improvement Strategy

HBC's support and challenge protocol for Schools Causing Concern