Psychology Team

The Hartlepool Psychology Team applies psychology to improve outcomes for children and young people, particularly those with special or additional educational needs.

  • maximise learning outcomes of children and young people
  • promote the pro-social behaviour and emotional well-being of children and young people
  • support schools and early years settings in the development of their capacity to improve outcomes for children and young people
  • support schools and early years settings to promote inclusion
  • support parents and carers to enhance the educational, social and emotional development of their children and young people 

We work in consultation with schools, early years settings, and other agencies within Child & Adult Services in relation to issues and concerns related to the learning, emotional and social development of children and young people.  We seek to work in a collaborative, solution-focused way.  The work we do aims to:

  • Educational Psychologists use a range of skills to meet the needs of individuals, groups and organisations including:
  • Consultation and advice
  • Psychological assessments - using a range of methods to inform interventions;
  • Psychological interventions - to promote psychological well-being, social, emotional and behavioural development and to raise educational standards;
  • Delivery of Professional Development and Training - to be able to support the learning of others in the application of psychological skills, knowledge, practices and procedures;
  • Research and Evaluation - to conduct, evaluate and disseminate research activities.