School Information

School Admissions and Transfers 

These pages include information on school admissions and transfers, and will provide a detailed explanation on how to apply for school places within the Borough of Hartlepool. Please click on the buttons below to access information regarding school admissions, as well as useful links, downloads and contact details. 


Nursery Admissions

Details of how to apply for a nursery place.

Primary and Secondary School Admissions for September 2016

If you reside within the Borough of Hartlepool and have a child due to start Reception Class or Year 7 in September 2016.  Click on the above link for information on the application process and how to make your application on-line. 

In Year School Transfers

School Admission Arrangements

Details of proposed changes to school admission arrangements. 

Early Years and School Infrastructure Plan


This document aims to provide an overview of current and future pupil numbers which supports planning the future pattern and provision of school places across the Borough of Hartlepool.

School Term Dates

Click on the links below to open a calendar.
These calendars can be downloaded to keep and print.

Individual schools in Hartlepool may vary these dates and parents are strongly advised to contact their child's school in order to confirm their term dates.

School Term Dates for 2016/2017

School Term Dates for 2015/2016