Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE)

What is the aim of SACRE?

The aim of SACRE is to provide advice to the Local Authority (LA) on collective worship in all maintained schools except those voluntary aided schools with a religious character, and the religious education (RE) to be taught in accordance with the agreed syllabus.

What does SACRE do?

SACRE shall, either at the request of the local authority or on its own initiative, advise the LA on general matters connected with RE to be given in accordance with the agreed syllabus including advice on:-

  • the choice of teaching materials for RE;
  • aspects of teacher training in RE;
  • teaching methods for RE;
  • monitoring schools' provision for RE and collective worship as well as the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) of pupils;
  • general matters connected with religious worship in maintain schools.

What is a locally agreed syllabus?

The locally agreed syllabus is the statutory document for RE in the LA.  It sets out what should be taught to pupils in all key stages and the standards expected of them at the end of each key stage.  It is produced by an agreed syllabus conference (ASC).

The agreed syllabus has to be reviewed every five years.  If, at some other time a majority of the committees of SACRE asks the LA in to reconsider its agreed syllabus, it must convene a conference to do so.  Such a request should be made in writing.

Academies can opt into the agreed syllabus.  This supports coherence and continuity in the RE curriculum and in pupils learning.  It can also strengthen collaborative working across the locality.


Christian and other Religious Denominations 5 representatives
Church of England (Durham Diocesan Board of Education 2 representatives
Teachers' Associations (Four teachers representing associations recognised by the LA for the purpose of consultation and negotiation) 4 representatives
LA 2 representatives
Total 13

Timing of Meetings

In pursuit of it aims the SACRE will:-

  • operate to a timetable that mirrors the academic year of the LA;
  • hold meetings (including extraordinary meetings) at a time of day and at an appropriate location to allow full participation by members;
  • hold its meetings at least once per term.

Clerk to SACRE

Ann Turner

Child and Adult Services

Tel: 01429 523766