Apply for a secondary school place


Secondary school places 2024/2025

For children born between 1st September 2012 and 31st August 2013

At the beginning of September secondary application packs are distributed to Year 6 pupils via your child’s primary school.  If your child is absent, or doesn't attend a mainstream primary school in Hartlepool, you will receive their pack letter by post.


The application period is between 1st September 2023 and 31st October 2023. Before you submit your application please read the Education in Hartlepool - September 2024 booklet carefully.  The booklet provides information on the admission process, key dates and lots of information which you may find useful.

To secure your child's place at secondary school, you must submit your application (along with any supporting documents such as a baptism certificate) by 31st October 2023.  If your application is received after this deadline, we will treat it as late and deal with it after the applications which were received on time.


School Admissions On-line

To apply on-line, simply enter the site by clicking here, and follow the step-by-step instructions.  Please note, only Hartlepool residents can apply through the Hartlepool site.  If you reside outside of Hartlepool, please apply to your home authority (i.e. the council which you pay your council tax to).

The benefits of applying on-line are:

  • Simple step-by-step instructions
  • Change your application at any time until the deadline for receiving applications
  • Your application will automatically be confirmed by e-mail
  • Find out on-line which school place we have offered your child
  • Register that you still have an interest in a school

* If you would prefer to submit your application on a paper application form, please download the application form or contact the School Admissions Team on 01429 523768.

School admissions brochures

The following brochures explain everything you need to know about obtaining a place for your child.

Contact us

Should you require any further assistance in relation to secondary school admissions please contact School Admissions on 01429 523768, or email