Other Year 10 education opportunities

If your child is due to move into Year 10 in September 2021, you may not be aware of atypical schools within the North East and North Yorkshire areas, which admit pupils at a different age to typical 11-18 secondary schools. This does not mean that you are required to move your child from their existing school if this is still the best option for them. 

The link below lists schools within a reasonable travelling distance (within 60-minutes travelling time), which you may wish to look into and consider whether your child would want to apply for a place for September 2021:

You should also look at the GCSE curriculum at your child's current school, to help consider what the best option is for the next two years of your child's education. 

  • University Technical Colleges (UTCs) www.utcolleges.org are set up by universities and employers and specialise in technical subjects.  Alongside their technical specialism, UTCs offer the core academic curriculum at GCSE which includes English and maths.  UTCs also offer post-16 provision, and students can study A-levels and equivalent technical qualifications. UTCs are designed to help young people prepare for the world of work and they typically feature: a focus on developing core professional skills, projects run by employer partners, and longer school days.
  • Studio Schools www.studioschoolstrust.org are similar to UTCs in that they have employer involvement in the curriculum and focus on developing the skills needed for employment, involving personal coaching and work experience, alongside a similar curriculum to a typical 11-18 secondary. 
  • Career Colleges www.careercolleges.org.uk increase the range and choice of vocational education opportunities for 14-19 year olds.  Career Colleges have carefully designed programmes, which incorporate core academic elements with highly practical vocational and technical education, designed to equip young people to enter a career in a particular industry. 

All schools have a statutory duty to secure impartial careers guidance for all Year 8 to Year 13 students to inspire young people to fulfil their potential and to make them aware of all opportunities open to them.  We strongly recommend that your child discuss their options with a Careers Adviser in their current school or college.

If you decide that you would like to know more information or to apply for a place at any of these schools for your child, please contact the school direct.  10 for 2020-2021