Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018

Hartlepool Health and Wellbeing Board understands its statutory duties in relation to the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) and intends to publish its full review of the current PNA within the required timeframe.

Notwithstanding any changes to pharmaceutical services and related NHS services that have taken place publication and without prejudice to the assessment of needs described in the existing PNA, the HWB for Hartlepool formally reports that the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment for 2018 is under review. Hartlepool HWB has commenced its process leading to publication of a revised assessment / third PNA, with a publication date before October 2022.

Hartlepool Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) published its first Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) on 25th March 2015 and published a statutory update within 3 years of that date. The PNA includes a description of all the pharmaceutical services currently available from local community pharmacies and other providers and identifies any potential for improvement or better access in the future. The PNA is used by NHS England to guide the commissioning of pharmaceutical services, including new community pharmacies, or changes to their opening times. The PNA may also be used to inform the commissioning of services from pharmacies by Hartlepool Borough Council and NHS Tees Valley Clinical Commissioning Group.

Click on this link to view the Hartlepool HWB PNA 2018.

The HWB is also required to keep the PNA up to date by:

  • making a revised assessment as soon as is reasonably practicable after identifying changes to the need for pharmaceutical services which are of a significant extent
  • publication of Supplementary Statements if required
  • maintaining the map of pharmaceutical services
  • publishing a full review before October 2022.

Supplementary Statements – Hartlepool HWB PNA

When changes to pharmaceutical services take place, such as opening a new pharmacy, this may be documented by the publication of a Supplementary Statement, thereby becoming part of the PNA for the area. Supplementary Statements to the PNA 2018 issued by Hartlepool HWB will be shown here.

Map of pharmacies in the Hartlepool HWB area

A map of pharmacy premises in the Hartlepool HWB area is included in the PNA 2018. Should there be any change to the map, this will be published here.

  • Click here to download Hartlepool PNA Map update (none issued at present)