Looking After Your Baby

Keeping Your Baby Safe

Useful Information regarding Babies and Car Seats

Car seats and babies

Child Car Seat - Advice


How to tell if your baby is seriously ill


First Aid for Babies


There can be so many risks inside and outside of the home, click on the link below for important information on how to keep your child safe


Safety Advice: Injury Types

Baby Safety Tips


Keeping your baby active

Start4Life: Baby Moves



Smoking and your baby


The best thing you can do for you and your baby is to stop smoking.   

You are four times more likely to stop smoking if you stop with NHS support

Take Steps Now to Stop Smoking


Support with Stopping Smoking 



Child health app

Childs health app image

The NHS have produced a child health app which is available for all smartphones.

Parents and carers are able to find NHS advice on many common childhood illnesses, letting you know when you need to seek further medical advice from a pharmacy, GP or hospital – or how you can care for your child at home.

The app is also available as a 115-page booklet.

The booklet and app contain advice on everything from how to deal with upset tummies to treating bumps and bruises.

Download the app now, available on Google Play and the App Store by searching for NHS child health or click here to view the booklet online.



CATCH is a free NHS health app for parents and carers of children from pregnancy to age 5.  CATCH eases the sense of information overload, particularly regarding pregnancy and children’s health. With the number of resources available, it can be difficult to know who to trust. CATCH provides local NHS-approved information with your best interests at heart, so you won’t need to look elsewhere.