Stop Smoking Support Services in Hartlepool

A new approach is being taken by Hartlepool Borough Council to support people who want to stop smoking

The integrated community-based model aims to ensure that smokers wanting to give up receive help tailored to their particular needs and circumstances.

It involves building expertise and capacity in the community by creating a wide and varied pool of trained staff, including school nurses, health visitors, family support workers and Community Connectors based in the Council's community hubs in the north, centre and south of the town.

The new approach which aims to reach out to a greater number of people, is based on the most up-to-date research which acknowledges that combining brief intervention and the use of e-cigarettes is the most successful way of stopping smoking.

Stop Smoking Support Services in Hartlepool

The need for change is highlighted by statistics which show there has been an average decline of 40% in the number of people accessing local smoking cessation services since 2014/15 - even though there are still more than 14,000 smokers in Hartlepool.

A leaflet giving more information about the new approach and sources of stop smoking support can be found here

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