Fireworks & Explosives

Explosive Regulations 2014

Do I need a Licence?

A Licence is required if storing:

  • Up to 250kg of Hazard Type 4 explosives
  • Up to 100kg of a combination of Hazard Type 3 and 4 explosives
  • Up to 100kg of Hazard Type 3 explosives

This includes both the amount held on a shop floor sales area as well as in stock rooms or storage areas.  If you would like to store larger quantities of explosives, over 250kg of Hazard Type 4 (or over 100kg of Hazard Type 3) you need a licence.

If you store less than 5kg of explosives, then there is no need to be licensed.  In the case of fireworks, most for retail sale are Hazard Type 4, but some may be Hazard Type 3 (usually marked 1.3G).  If you are storing any Hazard Type 3 explosives your entire stock should be treated as such and therefore no more than a maximum 100kg can be stored.  However if you are then storing more than 25kg, you are also subject to separation distances from other buildings, accommodation or public areas.

The quantities are often marked on the outer packaging but if you are in any doubt as to the Hazard Type or NEQ you should seek advice from your supplier, as responsibility to store in a safe manner and within permitted quantities rests with the licence holder.

Applying for a Licence

If you intend to store/supply between 5kg-250kg net of explosives (e.g. fireworks) you will need to apply for a 'Storage Licence'.

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Should you wish to supply or expose for sale fireworks outside of the dates below, you must also hold (in addition to your Storage Licence) a 'Fireworks Licence' granted by this licensing authority.

  1. 15 October to 10 November
  2. 26 December to 31 December
  3. Chinese New Year (on the first day of the Chinese New Year and three days immediately preceding it)
  4. Diwali (on the first day of Diwali and three days immediately preceding it)

Further information

A copy of the Regulations can be found at

The Regulations are supported by two overarching guidance documents L150 the safety of explosives and L151 the security of explosives.