Temporary Use Notice (Gambling)

Temporary Use Notice (T.U.N) allows a person or company holding a relevant operating licence, where there is no premises licence, to use the premises temporarily for providing facilities for gambling.

Premises that might be suitable for a T.U.N include hotels, conference centres and sporting events.

T.U.N's may only be used to permit the provision of facilities for equal chance gaming, where the gaming is intended to produce a single overall winner.  However, the facilities may not be provided in circumstances where any person participating in the gaming does so by means of a gaming machine. 

Equal chance gaming is gaming which does not involve playing or staking against a bank and gives equally favourable chances to all participates.  Examples of equal chance gaming include games such as backgammon, mah-jong, rummy, kalooki, dominoes, cribbage, bingo and poker.