Access to Information

Environmental Regulations Act 2004

The Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004 were introduced on 1 January 2005 to give individuals right of access to environmental data held by local authorities and private bodies who carry out a public function e.g. utility companies. Examples of environmental records are of land use, waste, energy, food contamination, pest control, pollution, refuse, waste management, dog patrol etc.

In complying with the Environmental Information Regulations Hartlepool Borough Council has a duty to:

  • Respond to all EIR requests within 20 working days
  • Offer advice and guidance, where appropriate to ensure you acquire the information you seek.
  • Respond to requests free of charge (subject to reasonable disbursements) unless one of the 'exceptions' set out in the Regulations applies.
  • Provide information in a suitable format.

If part of an EIR request falls within Freedom of Information or Data Protection different exemptions, charges and timescales do apply.

EIR requests can be made verbally, by telephone on 01429 523182 or in writing using the contact details set out below.

Contact Details:

EIR - Information Access Request
Legal Services Division
Civic Centre
TS24 8AY

Fax to 01429 523481