2023 Review of Parliamentary Boundaries

The Guide to the 2023 Review of Parliamentary boundaries

In January 2021, the Boundary Commission for England (BCE) announced the start of our review of the Parliamentary constituencies in England. The BCE is required to report to Parliament by 1 July 2023. The BCE has now published the Guide for this review, which you can find on the Boundary Commission  website at the below link.

Guide to the 2023 Review

The Guide aims to explain: 

  • The policies that the Commission will work to in conducting the review within the statutory framework; 
  • The changes that were most recently made to the law governing Parliamentary constituency reviews by the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 2020; 
  • The details of the process that the 2023 Review will follow. 

The Boundary Commission has also announced that they intend to publish the Initial Proposals for new constituency boundaries on Tuesday 8 June 2021 and will inform the Local Authority when the Initial Proposals have been published.

Please note that, although this is the Commission’s current intention, it reserves the right to revise that timetable if necessary.

The Boundary Commission  have also released today a short animated video which provides a brief overview of the 2023 Review. It is available to view on the front page of their website and directly on YouTube here - BCE 2023 Review overview video