Register to vote

You can register to vote if you are 16 years old or over.


Elections are our chance to affect politics and shape the decisions that, in turn, will shape our lives.

Politics affects - the music you listen to, sport, where you live, your night out, the food you eat and how you get about

If you don't vote other people will be making decisions about the issues that affect your life.

The electoral register is a list of the names and addresses of everyone who is entitled to vote. You need to be on the electoral register to vote in all UK elections and referendums.

You need to register for the address where you are resident, even if you are temporarily away - for example working away, on holiday, or in student accommodation.  It is not illegal to be on the register more than once however it is illegal to vote more than once.

A registration form is delivered to your home each year, roundabout August/September.  Don't miss your chance to make your voice heard. Register to vote every year.

The register is not a static document, from January to September, we update using the Rolling Registration process.  We add names of new applicants, remove electors who have died or moved away, and alter names, for example where electors have married.

If you move house we need to know your new details.

Update your details