Council Plan 2021/22 - 2023/24

In February 2021, the authority formally adopted a new Council Plan covering the period up to 2023/24. The Council Plan sets out our vision for Hartlepool:

Hartlepool will be a place...

... where people are enabled to live healthy, independent and prosperous lives.

... where those who are vulnerable will be safe and protected from harm.

... of resilient and resourceful communities with opportunities for all.

... that is sustainable, clean, safe and green.

... that has an inclusive and growing economy.

... with a Council that is ambitious, fit for purpose and reflects the diversity of its community.

Regular performance reports will be shared with Finance and Policy Committee throughout the lifetime of the plan and will be made available on this page over the next 3 years. The first annual report was published in July 2022 covering the achievements made during year 1 of the Council Plan. 


Council Plan 2021/22 - 2023/24

Easy Read Version - Council Plan 2021/22 - 2023/24

Annual Report 2021/22

Annual Report 2022/23