Members Allowances for 2024-25 Hartlepool Borough Council

Public Notice 

This Notice is published in accordance with the Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 (Regulation 19) (as amended).

The Council discussed the Council’s members’ allowances for 2024/25 on the 22nd February 2024.   It had regard to the recommendations of its Independent Remuneration Panel and agreed to make a new Members’ Allowances Scheme for the financial year from 1st April 2024. The allowances for 2024/25 are set out below:

Members Allowance Public Notice

Dependant Carers’ Allowance - The allowance is only payable, under the Regulations in respect of such expenses of arranging for the care of their children or dependents as are necessarily incurred in the performance of duties undertaken on behalf of the Authority. This is a discretionary allowance. 

Co-opted Members - Co-opted members of the Authority are entitled to claim travel and subsistence and financial loss allowances (based on the same rules that apply to Elected Members for the claiming and receipt of allowances and expenses).

Telephone Allowance - The Council does not pay any telephone allowance, as these costs are covered by the Basic Allowance. 

Travel Allowance - The Authority does not pay an allowance in respect of travelling within the Borough.  A travel allowance can be claimed for the whole journey where the end destination is outside the Borough and the Elected Member is representing the Council.

Car - Mileage rate 45.0p or the equivalent of 2nd class rail fare* per official passenger – whichever is the cheaper. *or any cheap rail fare available at the time of the journey

Hired Car/Motor Vehicle - Actual cost of the hire of the vehicle and fuel or reimbursement to the equivalent of the cost of public transport for each official passenger – whichever is the lesser.

Train, Coach, Plane or Ferry - Standard, Second or Economy Class travel. Where an Elected Member is eligible for a Railcard this will be purchased for him/her.

Taxi - Actual cost of the journey plus a reasonable gratuity.

Other(s) - Tube / Underground, bus, parking costs - Actual cost of incidental journeys / expenditure as incurred.

Subsistence Allowance - The Authority does not pay subsistence allowance in respect of attendance at any events within the Borough.  Subsistence allowance can be claimed in respect of attendance at approved conferences (more than 4 hours away from normal place of residence).

No overnight stay:

  • Breakfast Allowance (£7.21)
  • Lunch Allowance (£9.94)
  • Tea Allowance (£3.91)
  • Evening Meal Allowance (£12.30)

Overnight (24 hour) absence from usual place of residence:

  • Outside London (£79.82)
  • London (£91.04)

Out of Pocket Expenses (whilst staying in residential accommodation where meals are provided in the overall fee) - £3.63 per 24 hour period up to a maximum of £14.55 per week.

The Member's Allowance Scheme is detailed in Part 6 of the Council’s Constitution which can be inspected online on Hartlepool Borough Council’s website Copies are also available free of charge from Democratic Services, Hartlepool Civic Centre, Victoria Road, Hartlepool, TS24 8AY.


Hayley Martin, Director of Legal, Governance and Human Resources.

10th April 2024