Domestic Violence and Abuse - Clare's Law

You can now find out if your partner has a history of abuse by requesting a Clare's Law disclosure.  This is called the Right to Ask.

You have the right to know if your partner has a previous domestic history.  This is called the Right to Know and is triggered when the Police receive information from a third party.  The Police will judge if a disclosure needs to be made to safeguard that person.

Making a Request

It is very easy to request a Clare's Law disclosure and the process is completely confidential.  No other person will receive the information and no information will be given in the presence of your partner.

To make a request you can:

  • Fill out the web form on the Cleveland Police website.
  • Ring 101 and ask to make a Clare's Law application.
  • Visit any police station.
  • Speak with a support agency and ask them to make an application on your behalf.

Third Parties

If you are concerned about a friend, family member or client you can make a request using one of the methods above.

If someone else applies they will not receive any information about your partner.

Find out more on the Cleveland Police website.