Nursery Admissions

Admissions to nursery

If a school's nursery provision is oversubscribed, places will be allocated in accordance with the school's criteria.

Every primary school in Hartlepool has a nursery class attached to it.

Admission to a nursery attached to a primary school does not guarantee a place for your child in the reception class at that school. 

Children are usually admitted to nursery at the beginning of the term after their third birthday if there is space and parents wish it.  In some nurseries, however, the demand for places is high and children may have to wait one or two terms until a place becomes available.  Places are, however, available for all four year-olds.

Children are entitled to 15 hours a week.  Each nursery works differently - some of the school nurseries offer a fixed morning or afternoon place, other nurseries can be flexible and offer full days.  Please contact the school nursery to find out what they can offer.  You should contact the school direct to make enquiries about gaining a place for your child in the nursery.  A child attending nursery is not entitled to assistance with transport.

Free educational places are also available at approved private nurseries and approved childminders.  For further information parents should contact 01429 523523.

Click here for more information about free nursery entitlement.

Special Educational Needs

Children over 3 years of age with special educational needs will be admitted to a mainstream nursery with parental consent.  This is subject to agreement with the headteacher of the school concerned and subject to detailed discussions with parents and professionals involved to ensure that the needs of the particular child are met within the mainstream setting, some with additional support.  Over the last few years, mainstream nurseries have developed their skills and knowledge to meet the needs of children with significant special educational needs.