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The Teeswide Safeguarding Adults Board (TSAB) is the statutory body that sets the strategic direction for safeguarding.

The Board is responsible for protecting and promoting an adults' right to live an independent life, in safety, free from abuse and neglect in the Boroughs of Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland and Stockton-on-Tees.

Bulletins are issued every 8 weeks in line with the meeting cycle for the Teeswide Safeguarding Children Board.  These bulletins provide a concise round-up of news from the Board, as well as other pieces of recent, local and national information.  The bulletins are also the way in which the Boards Prevention Information Sheets are published.  These will build up a catalogue over time, covering every type of abuse and neglect as well as other useful prevention messages linked to Safeguarding Adults.  Click here to view the newsletters

The TSAB have also launched their own website full of practical information and signposting as well as professionals guidance and referral forms, take a look http://www.tsab.org.uk/  which the Board informally launched on December 18, 2015.

The Teeswide Safeguarding Adults Board is a statutory body underpinned by the Care Act 2014 which came into force on 1st April 2015.  There is a longer history of shared practice in relation to safeguarding adults work across the four Tees Local Authority Boroughs, but the Board is not responsible for developing strategies to reduce risk and prevent harm, and to respond effectively when abuse and neglect occurs.  Our vision is ensuring our safeguarding arrangements act to help and protect adults.

For further information please read the following documents:

What is Abuse and Neglect?

There are many forms of abuse.  They may include one or more of the following:

  • Physical Abuse for example, being hit, slapped or punched.
  • Psychological or Emotional Abuse for example, intimidation, threats or harm or controlling behaviour.
  • Sexual Abuse for example indecent exposure, rape, sexual harassment or sexual acts where an adult has not consented or was pressured into consenting.
  • Financial or Material Abuse for example, misuse of someone's money, possessions or property.
  • Domestic Abuse can include some or all of the above and also includes so called honour based violence. 
  • Neglect for example, not providing necessary food, clothing, shelter or medical care. 
  • Self-Neglect for example, someone neglecting their own personal hygiene, health and surroundings.
  • Discriminatory Abuse for example, harrassment because of race, gender, age, disability, sexuality or religion.
  • Modern Slavery for example, human trafficking, forced labour and domestic servitude.
  • Organisational Abuse for example, neglect and poor practice within a setting such as a care home or hospital, or in relation to care provided at home.  

How to report abuse and neglect Teeswide? 

In an Emergency contact the Police on 999, alternatively contact 101 if you think a crime has been committed in relation to abuse and neglect.

If you are still worried about something that has happened, but you don't think this is a crime and want to report this, then contact the following:


If you live in Hartlepool Tel: 01429 523390 Email: iSPA@hartlepool.gov.uk
If you live in Middlesbrough Tel: 01642 726004 Email: socialservices@middlesbrough.gov.uk
If you live in Redcar & Cleveland Tel: 01642 771500 Email: contactus@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk
If you live in Stockton-on-Tees Tel: 01642 527764 Email: firstcontactadults@stockton.gov.uk
Out of Hours Duty Team Teeswide Tel: 08702 402994  

Independent Advocacy (the process of actively supporting and representing a person)

Local Authorities must arrange the use of an Advocate during:

  • The safeguarding assessment process 
  • In the preparation and review of their care and support plan
  • During safeguarding enquiries
  • If two conditions are met 
  • The person would have substantial difficulty in being fully involved in these processes if an Advocate was not involved 
  • If there is no other person to support and represent the adult who is not a paid professional of carer

Further Support 

Further support organisations for adults can be found in the Cleveland Police website and Hartlepool Now.

Action on Elder Abuse 

Action on Elder Abuse (AEA) is a private organisation that operates across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.  Unlike other 'older people's organisations' they focus exclusively on the issue of elder abuse, not as one issue among many, but as a single focus to their work.  One key way in which they address elder abuse is through the unique helpline, which provides information, advice and support to victims and others who are concerned about or have witnessed abuse.

Visit the Action on Elder Abuse website for more information or telephone 0808 808 8141. 

Policies and Procedures 

Click here to find the current and most recent policies and procedures which the Teeswide Safeguarding Adults Board has published and which are being used by the partner agencies of the Board.