Living independently - get help at home

As you get older, or if you have problems with your health or mobility, then living independently and safely in your home can become increasingly challenging.

You may be finding it difficult to move around.  Maybe you're finding it harder to complete some everyday tasks such as cooking or washing.  Or you may find that areas of your home such as your bathroom or you kitchen no longer suit your needs and need changing. 

Struggling to stay living in your own home because of health problems while thinking about what you might need to do next can seem overwhelming.  But there are steps you can take which will allow you to safely remain in your home while holding on to your independence and privacy. 

See below for more information on how to stay living independently for longer:


Reablement aims to help people get back the skills and confidence they need to live in their own home.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy provides support to people whose health prevents them from doing the activities that matter to them.  An Occupational Therapist can identify strengths and difficulties you may have in everyday life such as dressing or getting to the shops, and will help you work out practical solutions.

What is the role of a Social Worker/Social Care Officer

Social Workers and Social Care Officers help people who are going through some kind of crisis or difficulty in their lives. Social Workers and Social Care Officers organise care and support for older people (aged 65 or over), people with a learning disability, physical disability, having difficulty with their hearing or sight, mental health problems and young people and adults who care for relatives or friends.  

Personal Budgets

If you are eligible for support from the council then a personal budget allows you to spend the money allocated fro that support in a way that best suits you to stay as independent as possible.  

Equipment Finder

This online tool will help you assess your needs and areas of the home in which you may need assistance from products and mobility equipment that are available to purchase.