Tees-wide Safe Places Scheme

Safe Places Logo

Hartlepool Borough Council and the Tees Valley Authorities are committed to encouraging access to facilities in their communities via all transport options, with particular attention being paid to vulnerable members of society.

Tees-wide Safe Places is a scheme operating across the Tees Valley providing a safe place to anyone feeling unsafe or who may have experienced an incident during their journey. Where the symbol above is displayed, they will be able to receive support and help.

Tees-wide Safe Places provides:

  • Somewhere safe and friendly
  • Staff to understand and give reassurance
  • Staff to listen and provide help and advice
  • Somewhere to make a phone call
  • Information (bus timetables, bus numbers, directions or any information required by the individuals)

Further information on Safe Places in Hartlepool or around the Tees Valley can be found at the following link https://www.tsab.org.uk/ or by contacting Passenger Transport Services on 01429 523695.