Streetworks Permits

Hartlepool Borough Council, alongside the other North East Councils, proposes to introduce a Permit scheme to manage streetworks and roadworks on our highway network. The go-live date for the Hartlepool scheme is 30th March 2020.

Hartlepool Council is responsible for over 400 kilometres of highway across the borough and this road network is fundamental to the borough’s economy, enabling businesses to deliver goods and services. It also helps people access services such as health and education as well as employment and leisure activities and keeps communities connected.

The original noticing system which was in use for over twenty years enables works promoters to provide notice to the Local Authority to carry out works on the highway, however, under the new permit scheme, these works promoters will be required to book time on the highway network by applying for a permit prior to carrying out any works. Such a permit scheme will allow ourselves to effectively manage and coordinate essential roadworks.

The following indicate the aims and objectives of the permit scheme:

  • support the economy of the Hartlepool Borough Council area
  • maximise the safety for all those that use, work or live adjacent to the street
  • minimise congestion and delay to traffic
  • minimise impacts on the residential and business communities
  • minimise impacts on the environment
  • improve communication, public engagement and customer satisfaction
  • protect the structure and integrity of both the street and the apparatus within it
  • improve the co-ordination and productivity of all works promoters
  • ensure value for money for council tax payers
  • improve equality of opportunity for all by improving access to socially necessary goods and services
  • ensure that transport services improve quality of life for all
  • increase the efficient running of the highway network by minimising the disruption and inconvenience caused by roadworks and other highway events and activities through proactive management of activities on the highway
  • ensure safety of those using the street and those working on activities that fall within the scheme
  • ensure we can provide better information for road users about work on the highway
  • demonstrate parity between all activity providers

A consultation exercise was carried out involving interested organisations and all responses were involved in the process of finalising the Hartlepool Borough Council Permit Scheme document. The links below make this information available for public viewing.

Government statutory guidance for permit schemes can be found here.

The links below include the official notification documents for the go-live date of 30th March 2020:

Hartlepool Borough Council produces an annual performance report based on the current financial year. The latest document can be found here.


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