Home to School Transport

Transport will be provided free of charge for those pupils of primary and secondary age who are travelling over the statutory walking distance to/from the main entrance of their nearest suitable school. The statutory walking distances are:

  • 2 miles up to the age of 11 years (primary pupils)
  • 3 miles from the age of 11 - 16 years (secondary pupils)

This minimum provision that Local Authorities must provide is set out in the Education Act 1944 (as amended by the Education Acts 1986 and the Education Reform Act 1988). 

The Education and Inspections Act 2006 also extends Local Authority duties and powers by extending entitlement to those from low income families, this is called 'Extended Rights'.  These rights extend free transport to those who are entitled to free school meals and those whose parents are in receipt of the maximum level of Working Tax Credit and include transport to:

  • Three nearest schools  between 2 and 6 miles from their home
  • To the nearest suitable school preferred on the grounds of religion or belief up to a distance of 15 miles from their home 

You can download Hartlepool Borough Council's policy document and access further guidance and an application form below:

Policy Document

Guidance and Application Form

Parental Guide to Appeals Process