Rules and Regulations for Allotments

Your allotment tenancy agreement should contain a copy of the rules for allotment tenants so please refer to this document in the first instance. However, you can download a copy below:

Rules and Regulations of Tenancy 2018

Alternatively, you can request a copy by emailing or telephoning the Customer Service Centre on 01429 523333.

Please note that in 2016 all tenants were issued with loose-leaf copies of the rule book.  From April 2017 any future amendments will be issued as loose pages for tenants to insert into their books.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep your rule book up to date to avoid falling foul of any rule changes.

Some sites have specific rules regarding things like livestock and permissible buildings, however, there are a number of rules which cover all 16 sites. These can be summarised as follows: 

  • A minimum of 75% of your plot must be cultivated (this means that no more than 25% of your plot can be used for buildings, paths, lawns, etc) 
  • Horses, pigs and goats are not allowed on allotment plots 
  • Only dogs registered with us up to or during 2010 may be kept on allotments, no other dogs are allowed to be kept on site 


Inspections are carried out by staff from Hartlepool Borough Council's Heritage & Countryside team via the details below. The inspections will look to check that the rules in the tenancy agreement are being followed, particularly regarding cultivation. Other things covered by the inspections include making sure that tenants are maintaining the internal fences, no unauthorised animals are being kept and that plots and communal areas are not being used for fly tipping.

As well as inspecting individual plots they will also look at the site as a whole to check that the perimeter fence is secure, the condition of the access lanes and site security.


If an inspection shows that you are not complying with the rules in the tenancy agreement a notice letter will be issued. The letter will tell you what steps you need to take to bring your plot up to an acceptable standard. Please check your rule book for information regarding specific rules for your site.

Please follow the instructions in your notice letter carefully as failing to comply could lead to your being evicted from your plot.


If we are unable to work with you to resolve the problems highlighted by the notice letter(s) we may have no option but to send you a "notice to quit". This will allow you a specified amount of time to remove your personal belongings from the site before the tenancy reverts to Hartlepool Borough Council.

We will then offer the plot to the next person on the waiting list.

Reporting Problems

Please report any problems to your site representative or your allotment association (if applicable) or on the contact details below.