Benefit Fraud


What to do if you suspect benefit fraud 

Hartlepool Borough Council Benefit Fraud Team are committed to protecting public funds through the investigation of fraud. We will investigate all allegations of benefit fraud with due regard to The Human Rights Act. If someone claims Housing and/Local Council Tax Support or Welfare benefits where they have no right to entitlement, they are committing benefit fraud. 

Typical Examples of benefit fraud are:
  • People who fail to report changes in circumstances
  • People who work, but do not declare this when they submit their claim
  • People who claim as a single person, but actually live with a partner
  • People who claim from an address, but do not live there
  • People who do not tell the Council the full amount of income, savings or capital they have when they claim benefit.
  • People who for any reason do not have any right to claim Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax Support.
If you believe that someone is claiming a benefit that they are not entitled to, then you can report this to the council by one of the following methods:

(1) Call our Housing Benefit/Local Council Tax Support Fraud Hotline on 01429 523157.

(2) By email to

(3) Report int online

(4) You can write to us at:

The Benefits Investigation Team
Hartlepool Borough Council
Civic Centre
Victoria Road
TS24 8AY.

Please provide as much detail as you can so that the Council can investigate the case.