Local Welfare Support

Local Welfare Support (LWS) is a limited discretionary fund, managed by Hartlepool Borough Council to help residents stay in or return to their community or to give help in a crisis.

Non-Crisis Support

Please complete an application form and return it to Hartlepool Borough Council to apply for non-crisis support, such as help to stay in or return to the community.


A non-crisis could be where a resident of Hartlepool has been in hospital or supported furnished accommodation and needs support to move into a new home on being discharged.

The Council's Furniture Solutions project is accessible to any household, allows freedom of choice in terms of available goods and importantly the white goods/furniture are backed by a loan which is repayable at a competitive rate of interest. LWS non-crisis applicants will be assessed to establish if they are in a position to take a repayable loan via the Furniture Solutions Service for some or all of the goods they need before being considered for a LWS award.

You can only get help for non-crisis support if you are receiving a qualifying benefit or expect to be in receipt of a qualifying benefit Change to You may receive  help for non-crisis support if you are able to demonstrate you are in financial hardship at the time you apply and there is enough money left in the fund. Qualifying benefits are listed below but please note, if you have savings the value of any award may be reduced.



In-Crisis Support

Please telephone 01429 523469 during Office Hours to apply for crisis support.

A crisis could be an event of great or sudden misfortune such as major flooding, gas explosions or house fire or there is a severe risk to the health and safety of the applicant or an immediate family member or dependant which cannot be dealt with via other support mechanisms.

Awards may be made to cover the following risks:

  • No access to essential needs
  • Imminent deterioration in health

To qualify for crisis support you do not need to be in receipt of a qualifying benefit but awards will only be given to those most in need and only where there is enough money in the fund. If you are eligible for crisis support you will not get any money but help may be given by providing access to food, pre paid vouchers, gas/electricity key cards charged for you or essential household goods obtained for you.

For further information contact The Local Welfare Support Team

Telephone 01429 523469


Local Welfare Support Administration Framework 2020