Discretionary Housing Payment

Who can get Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

Local Authorities have discretion to award a DHP to a person who is entitled to Housing Benefit (HB), Housing Element of Universal Credit and who, in the opinion of the authority, requires some further financial assistance to help with their housing costs or to move to more affordable accommodation. 

As part of the application process we may have to contact your landlord for information on your tenancy.

Period of claim

Authorities have discretion as to the period over which they award a DHP and are free to decide the start and end dates of entitlement, whether to backdate, and the method and frequency of payment.

How to apply

You may wish to apply by clicking on the appropriate link:

Requesting support for help with the bedroom tax or the shortfall between your gross rent liability and your housing benefit/housing element please click www.hartlepool.gov.uk/DHP/apply

Please telephone 01429 806895 during Officer Hours or email welfaresupport@hartlepool.gov.uk for further information.

Please complete an application form for Discretionary Housing payment and return it to Hartlepool Borough Council.

Discretionary Housing Administration Framework 2022